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Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in York, Yorkshire

About Restore Surgery in York

Here at Restore Surgery in York, we aim to restore you to make you both look good and feel good. Doing something to change the way you look can be the first major step towards boosting your confidence. One of the most effective ways to do something is to undergo plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery. This can greatly improve how you feel about your body, by improving the parts of it that are making you feel negative about your self-image. We feel that whatever the issue you have with your body, we will be able to find the solution to help you overcome it.

In order to do this, we believe that it is vital to recognise your personal uniqueness and to identify your specific need. Our expert consultants in York will work through your issues with you in order to address them and to find the best possible solutions for your needs.

We then aim to give you the very best information to allow you to choose which procedure tailored specifically for you will help you to meet your needs and thus achieve the best outcome. Our plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery options in York include breast enlargement, breast uplift, liposuction, tummy tucks and reconstructive surgery. Finance options are available.

Breast Enlargement

With breast enlargement, we customise the selection of implant type, shape, position and size to the specific need of the patient, reaching a decision with you during your consultation. Silicone implants are most frequently used, although we may instead use polyurethane-coated ones instead, depending on your specific needs. We carry out breast enlargement surgery in York for a number of reasons, improving the overall size and shape of the breast and leaving the patient with a fuller looking breast. For more details about our breast enlargement procedures in York and the surrounding areas, please click here. Finance options are available.


Liposuction is usually a day case surgery under general anaesthesia or local anaesthetic with sedation. It is a technique to remove unwanted fat deposits that accumulate with age in various parts of the body in both men and women. To find out more about liposuction in York and the surrounding areas, please click here. Finance options are available.

Mr Augustine Akali - our plastic surgeon in York

Our plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery in York is carried about by Mr Augustine Akali. Mr Akali is one of the most skilled surgeons in the York area. He has over 15 years experience of providing plastic surgery in York and surrounding areas in the Yorkshire region. He was trained in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery in highly regarded units in Leeds, London, Glasgow, Liverpool and Chelmsford.

Our standards

Restore Surgery in York continues to lead the way in the practice, and as a provider of cosmetic surgery in York we are renowned for our extremely high standards of quality. These standards are reflected not only in the results of our plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery work but in all areas of our practice. Our plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery services in York are performed to the very highest standards of health and safety and we are compliant with all of the current health and care quality regulations.

How to contact us in York

York Hospital
Haxby Road
YO31 8TA
Telephone York 01904 820 449 with any questions or to book a consultation.

Why choose Restore?

Mr Augustine Akali is one of the leading Plastic Surgeons in the Yorkshire region and has over 15 years experience in the field of Plastic surgery. His NHS practice is currently as Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Castle Hill Hospital (Hull) & the Goole & North East Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust.
His Private Practice and admission rights are at Spire Hull & East Riding Hospital, Anlaby; St Hugh's Hospital, Grimsby and The Lindsey Suite, Scunthorpe & Goole Hospitals.

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