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Inverted Nipple Surgery in Hull, York, Grimsby, Lincoln & London

Inverted nipples are a frequent problem which can affect women at any period in life. They are often present from the teens and may momentarily self correct with pregnancy and breast feeding. However if it is recent occurrence, then it may be worth getting a referral to the local breast clinic to exclude more serious causes.

Inverted nipples in most cases, is a benign condition which can be corrected by a simple day case procedure. The basis of the procedure is to divide the milk ducts going into the nipple which is tethering the it down. Release of these ducts in effect lets the nipple stick out with correction of the problem.


The procedure is done under local anaesthesia which is administered in the operation theatre. The nipple area is gently infiltrated until it becomes numb. A transverse access incision is made across the nipple followed by division of the ducts and underlying scars release the nipple, the incision is then closed with dissolving or sutures. A doughnut dressing is applied to avoid any pressure on the nipple and is changed after one week in the dressing clinic. The healed scar is invisible in most patients.

  • Infection
  • Bleeding and delayed healing
  • Inability to breast feed since the milk ducts are cut.
  • Loss of nipple sensation, often improves with time.
  • Loss of nipple is extremely rare.
  • Recurrence is possible but fortunately uncommon.
Procedure (Correction)

Correction of inversion

30 minutes


1 day

A few days

5-7 days

1 week, 3 months