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Implant / Expander Reconstruction in Hull, York, Grimsby, Lincoln & London

This used to be the commonest method due to its relative simplicity and shorter surgical time. The implant is placed behind the chest wall (pectoralis major) muscle. It often requires two operations over 4-6 months with a tendency to produce a breast mound with limited natural droop. This can give good symmetry if the opposite breast is pert or up-lifted but does not match the shape of the opposite breast in patients with a lot of natural droop.

The complications are similar to that of breast enlargement with implants though the rates are higher. Short-term problems are risk of infection, firmer breasts, asymmetry and the need for two operations. Long term the result does change with potential for hardening of the reconstruction. Over half of implant reconstruction may need adjustment or re-doing by 10 years and most have worsening of appearance over time. Patients needing radiotherapy are often not suitable for this reconstruction as their results can be poor.