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Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty) in Hull, York, Grimsby, Lincoln & London


In our experience, breast reduction is one of the operations with a high patient satisfaction rate. The primarily benefits include relief from the large, heavy breast and associated neck pain, painful bra strap, marks and sweat lines under the breasts with better fitting bras. Secondary benefits of the surgery are the creation of smaller, uplifted improved breasts profile. Tertiary benefits are the improvement of irritation underneath the breasts, better fitting clothes, postural improvement and the ability to exercise and breathe better.


We customise the method of reduction to your specific requirements and discuss the options with you depending on your breast size, wishes, tissue quality and concerns. Surgery involves moving the nipple to a new position, removal of excess skin and breast tissue and reshaping of the remaining breast tissue to create a smaller uplifted breast. The areola is also reduced to bring it into proportion with the smaller breasts.

The most common type of breast reduction uses an anchor-type scar (diagram). Other types include the vertical scar pattern; the reduced scarring is a distinct advantage but it is less effective when dealing with particularly large breasts and will in general take longer to settle. Sometimes for modest reductions, a circum-areola scar around the nipple is used.

Hospital Stay & Recovery

Following your initial consultation, you will be admitted to the ward on the day of surgery. We will explain the procedure once more and answer your questions, obtain consent for surgery after taking pre-operative photographs and marking the surgical site.

Post-operatively, the nurses and doctors will review you to ensure you are well and comfortable and will administer you medications. On discharge, you will be given your medications and appointments with written instructions on how to contact us if necessary.

You should expect bruising and some swelling in the breast to last 2-6 weeks. Some leaking from the wounds is common for the first week as they heal. Your breasts will be firmer and higher than the expected end result. You will have a better shape by 4-6 weeks by which time the breast will be much softer. However the final outcome will improve over 6-12 months.

Complications & Limitations

As surgical procedures complications do occur, this happens in about 8-12% of patients having breast reduction and these are mostly minor that often settle without surgical intervention. The presence of smoking, other medical conditions and very large breast size increase these risks.

General surgical complications include bleeding, infection, haematoma, hypertrophic (prominent) scar, slow healing and skin loss. Nipple loss, numbness and sensory change to the breast, reduced breast milk production can occur and fat necrosis (lumpiness) may also occur dissatisfaction with breast size/position is sometimes seen especially if the patients' expectation is higher than can be surgically accomplished.

Asymmetry is a normal finding before surgery and will be seen post-operatively in relation to the breast size, shape, nipple position and scars quality.

Change in shape with time occur normally but happens earlier with more elastic skins.

Recurrence of hypertrophy and droop with increased patient weight.

Revision surgery occurs in 5-10% of patients to improve the overall cosmetic outcome.

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2 - 3 Hours

General (asleep)

Anchor shape; Vertical; Around nipple

0 - 2 Days

2 - 4 Weeks

Breast Enlargement
Post-Op &
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  • Dressing Check: 10-12 days
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