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Breast Uplift (Mastopexy) in Hull, York, Grimsby, Lincoln & London


Breast uplift aims to restore a more youthful and attractive shape to the breasts. This surgery is for patients who are happy with their breasts size but unhappy with the shape due to excessive droopiness following pregnancy, breast feeding, weight loss and the passage of time with associated loss of volume and elasticity. This procedure is occasionally used to 'match up' a breast on the other side of a reconstructed breast.

In selected cases breast uplift can be safely coupled with a breast enlargement. This creates a larger breast and is also used when more fullness at the top of the breast is a priority to the patient. In some patients these need to be separated into two operations to get the most predictable outcome.

Though uplift will reduce the overall droopiness of your breast, it will not permanently prevent the natural age-related progressive droop that happens to everyone.


Breast Uplift and Breast Reduction procedures and scars are similar, the main difference being the removal of little or no breast tissue with the former with the primary aim of achieving a better breast shape. In our practice, the commonest final scar type is the vertical scar pattern with the reduced scar. Sometimes for modest reduction, a Circum-areola scar around the nipple is used or an Anchor-shaped is used depending on the individual patient need.

Hospital Stay & Recovery

You will be admitted to the ward on the day of surgery and your procedure is explained once more, your questions will be answered following which we will obtain consent, take pre-operative photographs, plan and mark the op site.

Post-operatively, the nurses and doctors will review you to ensure you are well and comfortable and will administer you medications. On discharge, you will be given your medications and appointments with written instructions on how to contact us if necessary.

You should expect bruising and some swelling in the breast to last 2-6 weeks. Some leaking from the wounds is common for the first week as they heal. Your breasts will be firmer and higher than the expected end result. You will have a better shape by 6-12 weeks by which time the breast will be much softer.

Complications & Limitations

As with all surgical procedures complications do occur, this happens in about 10-12% of patients having breast uplift and this are mostly minor that often settle without major intervention.

General surgical complications include bleeding, infection, haematoma, hypertrophic (prominent) scar, slow healing and skin loss. Nipple loss, numbness and sensory change to the breast, reduced breast milk production can occur and fat necrosis (lumpiness) may also occur asymmetry is a normal finding before surgery and will be seen post-operatively in relation to the breast size, shape, nipple position and scars quality. Persistent breast discomfort is rare but is occasionally seen after breast surgery.

Dissatisfaction with breast shape, fullness and position is sometimes the case especially in people higher expectations than can be surgically accomplished.


1 - 2 hours

General (asleep)

Day case / 1 day

2 - 3 weeks

3 - 4 weeks

Breast Enlargement
Post-Op &
  • Home on simple pain killers
  • Dressing Check: 10-12 days
  • Outpatients Clinic: 2 to 4 weeks post op